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Strategy + OKR

People Stretch Solutions offers advisory services in mission-critical areas by aligning company objectives with actionable key results.

Sales Effectiveness

People Stretch Solutions provides insight into your sales challenges to customize coaching, playbooks, and delivery programs that create sustained growth.

CEO-Leadership Coaching and Training

People Stretch Solutions offers an array of consulting services that encourage growth and improved leadership.

Business Development Effectiveness

People Stretch Solutions offers uncommon insight about your BD challenges to customize coaching and training programs that deliver sustained growth.

The Executive's Guide to OKR

This comprehensive OKR guide for Executives will walk you through the basic principles of OKRs, how they will benefit your organization, the steps of the OKR cycle, how-to write good Objectives and Key Results, and best practices for a successful implementation in any organization.

Our Clients:

Sales Transformation

Our sales transformation services are for CEOs who are committed to growing their organization to the next level. To facilitate enterprise-wide change and improve revenue growth and sales culture, these engagements are complex and can last multiple years.  This involves bringing together four core areas (strategy + OKR, sales effectiveness, ceo-leadership coaching, process & tools) in a single  engagement.

Our Blog

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June 10, 2021
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June 3, 2021
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Our Why

People Stretch Solutions’ “Why” is to guide change that promotes revenue growth by challenging CEOs, closing the “execution gap”, and building and developing highly effective teams. We thrive on sharing uncommon insight regarding your company’s strengths and weaknesses in order to drive your most effective performance. When your people perform at a higher level, so does the entire company.

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