The Situation

  1. More and more sales conversations are taking place virtually, but managers do not have visibility into meetings or even know if their team is equipped with the right skills to sell in this new environment.
  2. Better conversations equate to more successful sales outcomes, but sales managers do not have time to analyze and improve their rep’s conversations.
  3. It is impossible to replicate the success of top-performers without a deep level of insight and analysis into their performance competencies, mistakes and missed opportunities in conversations lead to revenue being left on the table.

A New Solution

Virtual selling is unique and requires an approach that is, too. We provide the ability to virtually evaluate, record, coach and improve sales performance utilizing repeatable and scalable analytics driven methodologies.


We evaluate your sales process, team, and recruiting with industry leading sales specific assessment tools based on data sets of 2,000,000 sales people, ensuring predictive validity.

Our Assessments enhance the recruiting process or identify areas for improvement in an existing Sales Team. This assessment was built for sales, not adapted. As a result, the findings are sales specific, accurate, and predictive.


Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence with our state of the art conversation intelligence platform – record your sales meetings to receive instant, digital analytics and performance feedback. 

Surface meaningful and revenue defining moments, identify trends to replicate the in-meeting traits of your top-performers, or x-ray your customer conversations to find keywords and topics that are relevant right now.


We analyze the recordings and data from our conversation intelligence system and sales assessment to ensure your team’s development, in meeting effectiveness, and provide personal coaching in areas for improvement by providing them with actionable insights.

In addition to regular performance reviews, offer your sales leaders and representatives timely tips from our coaches via text or on-demand video challenges.  Participants will also take in our virtual sales training course.

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