Author: Alex Bartholomaus

The OKR Cycle: Retrospective

Register For Your OKR Consultation The OKR Cycle: Retrospective You’ve just had a great quarter.  You realize some people have embraced OKRs and others haven’t.  Some

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The OKR Cycle: Execution

The OKR Cycle: Execution By now your organization has set top-level, departmental, team, and potentially individual objectives.  You are now ready to execute, track, and measure

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A Typical OKR Cycle

Register For Your OKR Consultation A Typical OKR Cycle What does it look like? As we already discussed in our last post, Objective and Key Results

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What is an OKR?

What are OKRs? Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a goal-setting framework that helps businesses set their goals and track the outcomes. This framework aims to

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The Motivation Equation

The Motivation Equation BY ALEX BARTHOLOMAUS Understanding the medium and long-term motivation equation for your leaders and high performers For growth-leaning CEOs, growth is the sum

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