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With deep experience in the Betterworks platform, People Stretch can help empower your people to reach their highest potential. We offer:

Betterworks + People Stretch = Better Business Outcomes

An investment in Betterworks is a great first step in getting better performance from your entire team.  As we’ve seen in our engagements across industries and with organizations from hundreds to thousands of employees – it takes focused effort to launch but with Betterworks, the sky’s the limit once you’re at cruising altitude.  The Betterworks platform is perfect for:

Anchor and align your workforce around your top strategic priorities

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement through goal-focused coaching and conversations

Real-time feedback that boosts performance and rewards your top performers
Building trust across your organization through honest input from employees that can improve their experience
Fair evaluation of employee performance based on unbiased, data-driven insights
We’re dedicated to helping organizations harness the power of Betterworks to drive performance, alignment, and engagement. Our team provides comprehensive consulting, training and advisory services to ensure that your organization maximizes the value of the Betterworks platform through expert implementation, robust platform training, effective change management, and insightful OKR consulting.

Smooth Implementation

Our implementation services ensure a smooth setup and configuration of the Betterworks platform, all based on each clients’ needs. Our tailored approach guarantees that the system is configured to support your specific objectives. Our work at this stage includes:

Betterworks Training

Our training programs will equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to leverage Betterworks to its fullest. Our training services include:

Change Management for Maximum Adoption

Successful adoption of the Betterworks platform will require your team to change parts of how they work, communicate, and hold each other accountable. Our change management services help your organization navigate the transition smoothly, fostering acceptance and enthusiasm among your team. Our approach includes:

Comprehensive OKR Consulting

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a powerful framework for driving alignment and accountability within your organization. Our OKR consulting services help you establish a robust OKR system that aligns with your strategic goals. Our consulting services include:

Partnering for Success

As a Certified Betterworks Partner, People Stretch Solutions is committed to helping your organization achieve its performance goals. Our expertise in implementation, platform training, change management, and OKR consulting ensures that you get the most out of the Betterworks platform. Let us partner with you to drive performance, alignment, and engagement across your organization.

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If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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