Module 2: Writing OKRs [2022]

Module 2: Writing OKRs [2022]




It’s impossible to achieve audacious, long-term goals without first splitting them up into attainable objectives. This course provides the knowledge needed to develop clear objectives and key results; additionally, it will teach you how to achieve buy-in from key stakeholders and communicate your message productively to the organization at-large. Finally, this course will help you to ensure the long-term success of your OKR program through proven methods like leadership alignment and team sharing. The course covers: - Proper construction of objectives based on shared understanding of the challenges, vision, and strategy of the organization. - Objective best practices - the do’s and the don’ts, with exercises that ensure all goals remain strategic and forward-facing. - Definitions of what success could look like, and sample measurements that focus team efforts on positive impact. - Guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls in writing and communicating objectives and key results within the organization. - Work session plans and example OKRs that jump-start the process and optimize each OKR cycle. This is part two of five in the OKR Champions Certification. The Complete OKRs Champion certification bundle will not only allow you to confidently lead your organization through structural enhancements, but it also comes at a discounted rate when compared to each individual course.

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