Module 3: Utilizing OKRs in Team Reviews & One-on-Ones [2022]

Module 3: Utilizing OKRs in Team Reviews & One-on-Ones [2022]




In the execution phase of the OKR cycle, the key to success is frequent communication. In this course, participants will learn how to make the most of the execution phase of the OKR cycle: including instructions on how to conduct weekly team check-ins, and how to capitalize on the conversations, feedback, and recognition that go into the OKR process. You’ll also learn how utilizing OKRs can help you master team reviews and 1:1 sessions. This course covers: - How to keep OKRs on course using alignment and accountability - How to redefine success by shifting your mindset from output to outcomes - How to determine the frequency of meetings that will lead to successful OKR adoption - How to make monthly team reviews and meetings more productive - Detailed preparations for the meeting and how to lead reviews, with two templates for strategy and practical exercises - A sample one-on-one agenda with do’s and don’ts for maximum impact This is part three of five in the OKR Champions Certification. The Complete OKRs Champion certification bundle will not only allow you to confidently lead your organization through structural enhancements, but it also comes at a discounted rate when compared to each individual course.

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