Module 4: The Quarterly Retrospective [2022]

Module 4: The Quarterly Retrospective [2022]




Scheduling a quarterly retrospective can create a safe environment to openly discuss ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes, which, when executed effectively, will work to continuously improve the way your organization operates. In this course, participants will review progress, measure success, and prepare for the next quarter - they’ll also learn how to conduct a retrospective that gets the best possible value from the process. This course includes: - A run-down of the three most-often used types of retrospectives and how to choose the best style for your team and mission - A complete quarterly retrospective checklist to help you prepare for and conduct successful meetings - The key actions required for a successful retrospective, including QR sample questions - Instructions on how to scale your retrospective based on your organization’s size - 8 principles for success in the Quarterly Retrospective, and where most organizations fall short This is part four of five in the OKR Champions Certification. The Complete OKRs Champion certification bundle will not only allow you to confidently lead your organization through structural enhancements, but it also comes at a discounted rate when compared to each individual course.

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