Module 5: OKR Tools, Quarterly Transitions, and Change Management [2022]

Module 5: OKR Tools, Quarterly Transitions, and Change Management [2022]




The most cited reason for project failure is problems with the people involved. When organizations invest more in the technical side than in leading impacted people through times of change, OKR programs are not successful. In this course, participants will learn how to manage inevitable organizational changes while maintaining program success. They’ll understand how to research, evaluate, and implement an OKR tool in order to track team progress, and finally, they’ll learn how to manage a quarterly OKR transition. This course includes: - Training on organizational change through the AKDAR model - The pros and cons of various tracking tools and software for OKRs - How to select OKR tools for your team and implement them with no loss to productivity - Detailed instructions on how to use the most impactful tools for change including a communication plan, sponsor roadmap, training plan, resistance management and coaching - A sample timeline for strategic planning with OKR tools and transitions This is part five of five in the OKR Champions Certification. The Complete OKRs Champion certification bundle will not only allow you to confidently lead your organization through structural enhancements, but it also comes at a discounted rate when compared to each individual course.

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