Customer Acquisition

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    At People Stretch Solutions, a key part of revenue growth is customer acquisition. We have broken down our point of view on customer acquisition into the outline below that highlights 4 major drivers with variables in each that are success factors:

    1. Messaging
      1. Brand Positioning
      2. Thought Leadership Content
    2. Process
      1. Targeting
      2. Research
      3. Planning
      4. Execution
    3. Tools
      1. CRM software
      2. Marketing Automation
    4. Tactics
      1. Content emails
      2. Webinars
      3. Events
      4. Networking
      5. Calling
      6. Introductions

    People Stretch Solutions looks at its sales/business development organization from a customer acquisition perspective in 3 parts:

    1. Revenue Management
    2. Sales/BD Planning
    3. Sales/BD Execution

    See how the four major drivers of customer acquisition lay across these three areas:

    Here is the visual with challenges companies face in each part of customer acquisition:

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