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At the root of revenue growth is a collection of elite business performances.  Through years of experience and leveraging uncommon insight about sales and leadership teams, People Stretch has become an expert on elite business performance.  The process of nurturing those performances start by taking a sales and/or leadership assessment.   After review those results with individuals, we customize coaching and training plans to help them achieve a new level of performance that puts them on a path to elite business performance.  Many of the principles leveraged in this process are discussed in the book:  Endurance Executive.

Key Tools in nurturing Sales Transformation:

How well have you planned the next five years.  Have you contemplated some of the challenges you will face along the way.  This tool helps you think more broadly of all the key things an Endurance Executive has to plan for.  – Read More

How attune are you to what you are passionate about?  Do you know the difference between desire and commitment?  Hopefully this tool will help you on this front to help understand what your motivational fuel is.

This tool will help you get your goals organized across three parts of your life:  personal, family and business. – Read More

Your goals are only as real as the people who support you in the pursuit of them.  Who is going to be on your support team.

Preparation is a key part of achieving goals.  What type of preparation do you need to achieve some of your goals.

How well are you preparing emotionally to achieve your goals.  This tool will hopefully help you look at this differently.

Work/life balance is a mirage.  Rather then fight to balance the two items, set the amount of time you will allocate to each and try to ensure you keep to those numbers.

How well are you balancing your mental and emotional preparation?  To nurture elite business performances, you must invest in each type of preparation. – Read More

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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