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Everybody hits “The Wall” at some point in life. While the term itself comes from competitive running, we’ve all been there. However, when it comes to CEOs, very few people hit The Wall with more on the line—whether it’s reputation, stock price, net worth, personal pride or family life. Management Consultant, Alex Bartholomaus, has experienced all of the above, and ironically, it was at Mile 14 of the prestigious Marine Corps Marathon that he both hit The Wall and had an epiphany. If he could find his own work+life equation, he could navigate The Wall, whether it came during a race, an IPO or during a personal health or family struggle.

Endurance Executive is a practical guide for CEOs and C-Suite Executives as told through Alex’s own experience that day that gave rise to a new way of thinking, preparing and executing a successful strategy in business—which also happens to be a 5-Star guide to life. As Alex limped through Mile 14, he had to dig deep into his own physical and mental reserves and ask himself, “How badly do I want this?”. It was a question that not only helped him during the marathon, but one that spawned the “Endurance” series of business leadership books.

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