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Our process improvement services help you translate your business strategy into business reality. Executing a strategy in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace requires a viable business model, intense focus, and effective business processes for the primary activities of your business.  Effective processes are ones that deliver value regularly, with low variance, to the customers and stakeholders of the process. People Stretch offers a comprehensive suite of process improvement services that help you deliver more value to your customers while optimizing your operational efficiency. These services include:

Process Assessment

During Process Assessment our consultants conduct a thorough audit of your existing process – sales, professional services delivery, or other –  to determine its current state. We interview key stakeholders and benchmark your process’ current performance against industry best practices. We then make clear recommendations on how it can be improved.

Process Modeling and Analysis

During Process Modeling our consultants conduct a deep dive to model the current-state business process from end-to-end to determine its existing operations in detail. We then document the process using best practice notations and techniques to ensure you and your team clearly understand what currently happens in the process and how efficient it is. We then analyse the process to reduce/eliminate waste and risks, and to identify areas for improvement, making clear recommendations as to how to proceed.

Process Improvement

Leveraging recommendations made in the previous phase of Process Modeling and Analysis, our consultants will then redesign and/or optimize the future-state process to make it more effective and more efficient. The focus in this part of the engagement is on ensuring your new process delivers maximum value to the customer(s) of the process (both external and internal) as well as all stakeholders involved. Our consultants will also explore opportunities for process simplification and automation so that you can bring your processes into the future.

Process Implementation

Once the future state process design is completed our consultants then turn to implementation. Here they work closely with your team to prepare training materials, change management plans, launch agendas, templates, and other materials as needed. They also work closely with your IT personnel to ensure that any automation components are properly implemented. Ultimately, they will help you launch your new process with your entire team to get it off on the right foot.

Process Coaching and Training

Last, our consultants will provide ongoing coaching and ad hoc assistance to your team to ensure your new process doesn’t fall back into old habits. We will work closely with your Business Process Owner and provide coaching and guidance to ensure they are monitoring and leading the process correctly over the long term. We will also train your team on fundamental aspects of business process improvement to ensure they are prepared to model, analyze, re-design, implement, and manage new processes moving forward.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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