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The “journey” is a metaphor for life- whether it’s a road race or a life-long career. Don’t underestimate the importance of reflecting on the journey. Clients are encouraged to ask themselves: “Where was I today, and where do I want to go tomorrow?” It’s not that people don’t already think about these things, but people who spend a longer amount of time reflecting can get more out of their journeys than those who think less about where they are headed. There is a correlation between reflection, and the success you will achieve on your journey. 

Reflection allows people to stay focused on their values, what they are most passionate about, and how the individual steps they take align with their larger goals. When the goals and direction of the journey are not clear, we must ask ourselves, “Where do I want the journey to take me?” This is where the Journey Map comes in handy. The Journey Maps helps you to consider your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual milestones, as well as preparation tools you need to achieve these milestones. Identifying the path upon which you are traveling will help guide you in a positive direction during your journey.

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