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Leadership Development is our customized program to help leadership teams and its leaders prepare for the growth journey ahead of them.  PSS leverages Executive/Leadership Individual Coaching, Leadership Group Training, Leadership Team Customized Workshops, and Leadership Team Alignment.

Our customized programs begin with an assessment that help diagnose key leadership areas that need to be developed.  The program continues with the use of one of the following learning modalities:

Executive/Leadership Individual Coaching – one-on-one coaching with a leadership coach to work on outlined areas for a period of three months at a frequency ranging from weekly to once a month.

Leadership Group Training – is when PSS works with groups of up to 12 to work on a specific leadership area that the entire team needs to improve upon.  This type of training is also blended with online content to enable everyone to be familiar with the content before the group training session so the focus of the session can be on application and not basic understanding like a lot of training focuses on.

Leadership Customized Workshops – This type of training will involve scenario planning with some type of coaching role plays to help learners advance their ability at applying what they have learned to help with the learning curve.

Leadership Team Alignment – This type of facilitation is when a leadership team is brought together to help ensure that everyone is directionally aligned and key issues are brought to the table to avoid passive aggressive behavior and dysfunction to fester when the team needs to be focused on growth.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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