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Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a structured goal framework that helps organizations translate their strategic plan into commitments that align teams and drive execution. 
Companies leads like Google and Intuit have used this exact framework to reach 70%+ of their strategic objectives, and you can too.

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What is the definition of the OKR Framework?

OKR is a collective goal-setting methodology that allows organizations, management, teams, and individuals to set measurable goals on a regular cadence. The process of following the framework enables companies to engage in more frequent strategic conversations across the entire organization related to the goals that will make a positive impact on organizational success and growth. A well structured OKR system enables cross-departmental collaboration around corporate initiatives to improve your organization’s business outcomes.

What you’ll learn in this guide:

This guide will give you an executive introduction to quarterly goal-setting and actionable methods to align your teams around unified goals. You’ll learn definitions and methodology, how to develop a framework, how to hold teams accountable with the OKR cycle, and how to increase insight and transparency for top-level executives across the organization.

Familiar with OKRs and need more advanced resources?

Take command of the OKR framework with our online training and downloadable templates. The People Stretch OKR Champion certification program and OKR toolbox were developed and refined based on working over 3,000 hours with organizations charting a course for growth.

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