OKR Architecture and Rationalization

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In order to leverage the full OKR growth platform, a company has to become proficient in cascading goals. This practice is complex and can be very difficult depending on the levels of management in the organization. That is why PSS works with you to architect your OKR top level goals so they can be cascaded downward. 

We will also work with our clients to help them rationalize the objectives downward and across to avoid any friction due to mis-aligned objectives. This support comes in the form of facilitating workshops, advising leadership teams and providing 1 on 1 coaching through this initial ramp up and subsequent quarterly OKR planning.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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The OKR framework builds efficient teams by providing a shared experience for teams to communicate, identify roadblocks to progress, and redeploy resources when necessary. 

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