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Your strategy is solid, but are your people and teams aligned to properly execute? Can you track progress transparently, and coach people when they need it?  Can you course-correct when needed based on accountability and trust?

Growth can only happen if your entire team is aligned around a clear strategy and can balance between day-to-day operations with strategic work. The answer is a healthy, well-established OKR program, and People Stretch is here to help. We’ve provided OKR consulting over the last 7 years, creating over $1B in stakeholder value. 


Our OKR Consulting Approach

Our focus is to develop your organization’s OKR capabilities so that you can execute on your strategic objectives over and over.  We do this by:

In short: we ensure OKR best practices are established and reinforced so that our clients can gain long-term ROI.

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Our OKR Consulting Services

Your business is unique, so we help fit OKR best practices into your culture, communication styles, structure, and operations. One client with over 10,000 employees commented that “People Stretch has a great understanding of how to tailor OKR programs to a specific business. They can get you where you need to be faster and with less friction.” We use a managed service model to engage with clients by:

We Offer OKR Solutions in Three Areas

OKR Implementation and Coaching
Our team will work with clients to assist in the implementation depending on the maturity and experience of implementing OKRs. This work will include initial workshop facilitation to help develop high level objectives, facilitate downward cascading objectives.
OKR Architecture and Rationalization
In order to leverage the full OKR growth platform, a company has to become proficient in cascading goals. This practice is complex and can be very difficult depending on the levels of management in the organization
OKR Adoption and Reinforcement
People Stretch Solutions can assist a company that has already implemented OKRs but is not getting the perceived value from the initial investment. PSS will modify their OKR excellence framework to meet the organization where they are in their OKR journey to assist with adoption, reinforcement and ultimately OKR excellence.

OKR Training and Certification

Our on-demand courses will help you level up your OKR programs, giving OKR program managers and champions the knowledge and skills they need to hit your objectives, over and over again.

Achieve Alignment with People Stretch Solutions


Our OKR Consultants work to achieve alignment from your C-Suite through to front line teams. Your mission, vision, and strategy needs to flow through your organization without friction, and we help you get there by facilitating the conversations that need to happen during the planning stages of the each OKR cycle.  Our consultants are master coaches: your investment with People Stretch returns a capability that is crucial for success.

OKR Consulting Levels

Introducing OKR Consulting as a Managed Service

Reach your Goals with a Proven System for Complete OKR Adoption

"Vision without execution is just hallucination"

Thomas Edison

After 70+ OKR engagements with enterprise companies, we developed a system that gets our clients from OKR rookies to seasoned practitioners. It’s a two-year journey that gives you access to our expert team and solidifies the OKR framework as not just a tool or process, but as part of your organization’s DNA: full alignment, great accountability, clear communication, and best of all – objectives achieved. Here’s what you get:

Transformative Expertise: We bring a wealth of experience across diverse industries, empowering you with the knowledge needed to seamlessly integrate OKRs into your business strategy.

Tailored Approach: We know that each organization is unique. Our consultants work closely with you to implement OKRs in a way that aligns with your specific goals, challenges, and company culture.

End-to-End Support: From initial assessment to ongoing fine-tuning, our managed service covers 8 full OKR cycles. We’re your partners at every step, ensuring you extract maximum value from your OKR journey.

Accelerated Results: Our proven methodologies and best practices fast-track your progress. You can expect remarkable improvements in productivity, focus, and collaboration within a shorter time frame than traditional approaches.

Change Management Guidance: Introducing OKRs involves a significant cultural shift. Our change management expertise helps you navigate challenges, ensuring a smooth transition and enthusiastic buy-in from your teams.

OKR Software Implementation

OKR tracking systems can provide a real-time view into program health and progress toward objectives, but people often make the false assumption that simply using software will give them an effective program.  OKR programs require a change in communication, accountability, and a refocus on what’s strategically important – in short, many companies actually need consultants skilled in both OKRs as well as change management to truly get the value from their investment.

We work with leading OKR software companies like Betterworks, Microsoft Viva Goals, and Quantive and help establish best practices in their use.  Our services complement the training and jumpstart programs that these vendors provide with a focus on best practices adoption, and the excitement that comes from celebrating wins around shared goals.

Top 7 OKR Program Challenges and how our OKR Consultants Solve Them

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