OKR Implementation, Program Management and Coaching

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PSS will work with clients to assist in the implementation depending on the maturity and experience of implementing OKRs. This work will include initial workshop facilitation to help develop high level objectives, facilitate downward cascading objectives. We also provide assistance in OKR software selection and tool implementation where we work with software vendor to ensure all employees are being enabled in the first one or two phases of an OKR implementation project.

Once an OKR growth platform has been implemented, PSS will work with clients on program management to ensure the CEO (executive stakeholder) is managing the leadership team and its use of the platform effectively. This includes assisting the CEO or executive stakeholder to plan for monthly OKR analytics review. It also includes facilitation of the OKR analytics session and follow up with leaders who might be in need of support to better leverage the platform.

Another key aspect of our services is OKR coaching. PSS will work with leaders, managers and project leads to learn how to become skillful in using the OKR growth platform as well master the check in. A key part of the OKR growth platform is maximizing the check-in for alignment and accountability. PSS will coach these group of high value employees on how to become better coaches leveraging OKRs for inspiration and focus on outcomes.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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