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OKRs are known for their ability to inspire revolutionary growth and change across organizations.  However, OKRs are exactly that: a framework for change management.  If you do not have someone with a great deal of experience in OKR to help you along the way, this change will be filled with false starts, missed opportunities, and may ultimately fail.

People Stretch works with clients throughout the OKR cycle to ensure a successful implementation.  Once an OKR framework has been established, we continue to work with organizations through the change management process to ensure the CEO and other leaders use the platform effectively. This includes assisting the executive team in writing top-level, department, and individual OKRs; facilitating best practices workshops; software set-up; and more. 

Our approach is centered around eight best practices:

  1. Objectives must inspire as many teams as possible
  2. Make OKRs a team sport
  3. Leadership encourages OKR conversations early and often
  4. Is your organization ready for transparency?
  5. Success requires committing to OKRs in public
  6. Review OKR progress at the team level
  7. Master the weekly check-in
  8. The Quarterly Retrospective

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