Online OKR Training and Downloadable Tools for OKR Mastery

People Stretch Solutions has spent the last 12 years working with over 100 companies to create over 1 billion dollars of shareholder value. Now, you can take that knowledge and start our industry leading OKR excellence training right here, through our online OKR training courses and OKR toolkit.

After completing 60+ OKR implementations over the last 5 years, we have developed an OKR Excellence framework that helps organization’s overcome the most common challenge they face when they attempt to implement OKRs, without the help of an outside OKR consultant.

This OKR training is specifically designed for people who want to become highly effective practitioners.  You can become a certified OKR Champion, access courses on OKR best practices, or purchase the People Stretch OKR Toolbox – a set of guides and templates in side a playbook that is a fully designed OKR program at your finger tips.

OKR Mastery Can Start Today with our Two Cornerstone Resources

Take command of the OKR framework with our online training and downloadable templates.  The People Stretch OKR Champion certification program and OKR toolbox were developed and refined based on working over 3,000 hours with organizations charting a course for growth.

The Complete OKR Champion
Certification – $595 ($700 value)

Certified OKR Champions are able to confidently lead their organizations through structural enhancements with the knowledge they gained from our OKR offerings. By achieving the OKR Champions Certification, you will have the expertise and tools to successfully implement OKRs at your organization. LEARN MORE

Instant Download: The People Stretch OKR Toolbox – $400

All OKR Champions need the right tools to ensure OKR success. Included in this OKR Toolbox are all the tools you will need to successfully implement OKRs, featuring an exclusive playbook with detailed guides, comprehensive presentation templates, and proven communication templates. LEARN MORE

Individual OKR Training Courses

These courses are part of the Certification package above, but available individually if you need to refine specific OKR skills. 

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