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Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a growth platform that assists organizations with aligning and holding their employees accountable to a small group of high level objectives.  It was first invented by Andy Grove of Intel and popularized by companies like Google, Mercedes Benz and SAP.  The platform was further popularized by the book in 2017, Measure What Matters, by John Doerr. The consultants and coaches at People Stretch Solutions believe that OKRs are a growth platform to help any organization accelerate their efforts.  

People Stretch Solutions works with leaders on maximizing the intersection of focus and inspiration to write engaging objectives. We champion the notion of OKRs as a team sport in terms of getting more people involved in strategic planning more frequently.  Our passion for coaching helps our clients commit to mastering weekly OKR check-ins to drive consistency and better results. The outcome of this work leads to getting teams aligned and feeling accountable to meet or exceed their goals.

Our Solutions Offerings

We offer our solutions in five areas

OKR Implementation, Program Management, and Coaching
PSS will work with clients to assist in the implementation depending on the maturity and experience of implementing OKRs. This work will include initial workshop facilitation to help develop high level objectives, facilitate downward cascading objectives.
OKR Architecture and Rationalization
In order to leverage the full OKR growth platform, a company has to become proficient in cascading goals. This practice is complex and can be very difficult depending on the levels of management in the organization
Strategic Plan Development and Whiteboarding
People Stretch Solutions can provide assistance around the planning, definition, direction, and content of your organization’s Strategic Plan.
Mission, Vision, and Core Values Development
Organizations who are serious about growth need to have a clear mission, vision and core values to help its employees be directionally aligned.
Strategic Offsite Facilitation
A strategic offsite is an effective way to build alignment among leadership around strategic goals and initiatives to meet or exceed current and future growth goals.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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