Director, Strategic Planning/OKR Consulting/Coaching

Aaron Velek is a seasoned leader in strategy execution, bringing a wealth of experience in strategy planning, OKRs, project management, and change management.

Recognized as a thought leader in enterprise OKR programs, Aaron spearheaded successful implementations at Omega Engineering and SVB. He specializes in establishing knowledge centers, coaching leadership teams, providing tailored training, and setting standards of practice to ensure widespread OKR adoption. Recently, Aaron directed consulting services at Quantive, a strategy execution SaaS company. During his tenure, he collaborated closely with clients to implement OKRs, design robust OKR programs, foster OKR champion communities, and coach C-suite and leadership teams in OKR adoption, driving strategic alignment and hyper-growth for numerous organizations. Aaron also managed business operations for professional services, overseeing consulting services P&L, external associates, and leading capacity planning and process improvement initiatives.

With a strong agile focus and mindset, Aaron holds certifications as an OKR Coach, Lean Change Agent, Agile Certified Practitioner, and Scrum Master. He has established and managed PMOs to streamline planning and execution of business and strategic projects.

Aaron emphasizes the crucial role of change management in OKR adoption, aligning OKR programs with business objectives and implementing processes for success.

Aaron Velek is a highly sought-after consultant and advisor, leveraging his extensive expertise in project management, change management, and OKR coaching to empower organizations in achieving growth and strategic objectives.

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