Alison French

OKR Coach

In an increasingly impersonal world, Alison French is passionate about helping organizations and individuals make the right connections to create harmony and success. As managing director of Alto Solutions, LLC, she employs brain science in her approach to organizational change, communications, and leadership. An experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, Alison has helped clients within the government, education, nonprofit, and private sectors for more than 20 years, facilitating strategic planning meetings, corporate retreats, and skills training workshops, as well as in-depth change, leadership, and team assessments and strategic communication campaigns.

Past accomplishments range from being rated as a top instructor for the Deloitte Consulting Milestone Program and launching a career mentoring program for BearingPoint, to building and deploying a comprehensive change plan for a major Defense technology initiative with more than 7,000 end users, which, through direct engagement with top leaders, significantly influenced the positive perception of the initiative and elevated its change management program to become recognized as a model within the agency. Her most recently developed leadership workshops, Won’t You Be My Trainer and Won’t You Be My Manager, are based on the teachings of Mr. Rogers.

“I honestly believe that I am a better and smarter person by having the opportunity to work with you,” is how one client summed up his experience working with Alison.

A former specialist master at Deloitte and graduate of Cornell University and the Kogod School of Business at American University, Alison has been published in ATD Links, is an authorized DiSC facilitator, has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and organizational events, and has worked with groups around the country to help them improve their leadership and engagement by better understanding the connections between their people and within their brains.

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