President & CEO – The Good for You Group

David Billingsly, ACE, currently is the President and CEO of his consulting firm The Good for You Group where he works with businesses helping them with business transformation projects and other leadership training initiatives. Previously to the start of his consulting firm David served as the President of the Western Region for Anticimex Inc and was responsible for expanding the Anticimex footprint in the United States west of the Mississippi. Prior to his assignment to the west coast David served as President of American Pest, an Anticimex company based in the Washington DC market. In both positions David was responsible for overseeing the strategic vision, growth (both organic and inorganic) and overall operations of those businesses. During his tenure with Anticimex, David was part of over 20 acquisitions and more importantly part of over 20 successful integrations. With over 16 years of experience in the pest control space, David has served the National Pest Management Association as a speaker for various topics, served on multiple industry committees, has participated in industry podcasts and networked with some of the top pest control companies in the US. In 2016 as American Pest was acquired by Anticimex, David has had the opportunity to travel to multiple European countries and experience how the pest control industry operates on a global scale.

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