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Since earning his degree from Virginia Polytechnic, Eric Marterella has garnered global sales leadership experience for over twenty-two years as operator within the Fortune 50 and venture backed SaaS companies. He has passionately led teams and customers through change during hypergrowth and market downturns. He is business outcome-focused, process-oriented, and customer-obsessed.

Most recently, Eric operated as a global chief revenue officer with founding team of Gtmhub which offers a SaaS platform that assists teams and individuals with modern ways to business plan and execute via the OKR methodology. Eric participated in building on all aspects of the organizational structure, recruiting global personal, and sales process. The results were approximately ten times ARR growth over a two-year period and closing over $130 million in venture capital from two luminaries in the industry.

Eric leads and guides his decision making with a “mission, team, me” approach. This drives a culture of total accountability and focus on what matters. He has also developed muscle memory in what is required at every stage of growth and has the scars to prove it. He is a three-time CRO, has participated in closing over fifteen rounds of funding, two company exits (one private, one public), and has led through fourteen merger & acquisitions.

As a newer technology sales representative in 1999, Eric reached out to who would later be his CEO at Cisco, John Chambers asking for some career advice. John replied: “Never lose sight of the customer.” This simple phrase has become his obsession as he continues to learn new ways to deliver value to his customers and internal teams he partners with and leads.

Other Interests, & Mantras

Eric is a co-chairman of a monthly executive leadership forum called The Leadership Breakfast that promotes leadership between 1,200 members from the Washington D.C. area for over twenty-five years.

Eric currently resides in the D.C. Metro area with his wife, Jill, and four sons.  He enjoys filling his free time with family, whether it be traveling, cooking, or volunteering in the community together.

Best sales/career advice received: “Never lose sight of the customer” delivered via email from John Chambers when he sent him a cold email in 1999 asking for career advice.


  1. Add value at every touchpoint.
  2. Mission. Team Me.
  3. I’ve seen that movie before.
  4. Why?

Eric is best reached at 703.585.8112, [email protected], via LinkedIn

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