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Frédéric is a sales force development expert and founder of Prima Ressource Inc. He has accumulated more than 25,000 hours practicing, coaching, training and studying professional selling and sales leadership. Known to advise mid-market business owners, CEOs and CSOs on what they need to hear, instead of what they want to hear, Frederic is respected for his expertise, the value of his strategic advice and his business sense. He applies a fact based and actualized approach to growing revenue, and also works with the leading experts in the industry to make available to his clients the latest tools and content in French and English.

Helping people to self-motivate and setting up a structure for accountability, Frederic creates an environment where results are valued as much as individuals. Frederic understands the importance of having a lot of the right people to win. He regularly publishes posts in French on his blog « développer sa force de vente ». Driven by his leadership and determination to succeed, he is committed at helping businesses master the steps to a stronger sales culture.

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