Director, Strategic Planning/Performance & OKR Coaching

For almost three decades Matt has been building and running successful businesses and organizations. His hands-on experience designing and delivering data analytics solutions early in his career gave way to leading large engagements for dozens of startup, Fortune 100, and federal agency clients.  His involvement in all areas of business – from strategy, business development, marketing, talent management, organizational design, operations, and solution delivery – gives him a unique perspective that proves invaluable to the clients and teams he serves.  Matt has worked with the PeopleStretch team for almost five years.

Matt is the founder and CEO of Objektiv Solutions, LLC, a management consulting firm that helps organizations and teams dismantle strategic and operational roadblocks, and build up the vision, support, and people to consistently achieve excellence.  Prior to founding Objektiv, Matt was a partner at a small technology consulting startup helping to build it from a 3- to 300-person powerhouse that consistently won service delivery, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement awards.

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