Business Development

Nish is an innovative thinker, who craves challenge and to consistently push himself outside his comfort zone.  He is an account acquisition specialist, who leverages insights gleaned across multiple channels to help organizations grow revenue. Nish has worked with multiple tech start-ups to develop and implement inbound and outbound strategies which drive organic growth.

Nish understands that to really drive new account growth you need to quickly identify the challenges of your prospect and provide unique insights and value from the first point of contact.  His combination of target knowledge acquisition and relentless determination has led Nish to achieve success attaining and exceeding quota in every sales role he has held.

He has a passion for sales technology, vast experience using CRMs, and other sales and marketing tools.  Nish’s tech-savvy allows him to adapt and stay ahead in any business development environment.

When not at work Nish enjoys listening to and creating music, supporting DC sports teams, and exploring the newest area restaurants.

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