Director, Operational Excellence, OKR and Leadership Coach

Paul’s devotion to helping businesses identify and solve for their pain points ensures that organizations get to the next level. Having been at the helm of the largest off-premise catering company in the US, he understands the importance of quality, operational guidelines, company culture and communications, managing for efficiencies, and driving profitability.

Paul worked in various management roles over a 14 year period at Occasions, where he l helped oversee a growth of 52% in revenue and 45% in profitability over that time.

Paul took over the leadership role at Occasions Caterers as President and COO during the depth of the pandemic, and brought the company back to a profitable and sustainable path prior to leaving this year to pursue a passion for coaching, training and nurturing operational excellence for other companies.

With a keen eye on customer service and delivering on promises, Paul possesses the skills and passion to help organizations reach their full potential – and then to reach even higher.

Paul has both a bachelors in Biology and a MBA from the University of Maryland. With his free time Paul enjoys being with his family, road and cyclocross riding/racing and camping on the east coast and the desert southwest.

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