Marketing & Customer Success Manager

Truitt’s entrepreneurial spirit and design thinking focus provides a unique perspective in help businesses grow. As the Marketing and Customer Success Manager, Truitt guides the organization’s lead-generation and brand development efforts. He works with each clients to ensure successful engagements which drive results.  

Truitt has a passion for start-ups and small businesses to launch new lines of business, develop brand strategy, and integrate new software solutions.  He began his career creating content, managing social media, and performing general website maintenance for Florida Swim Network, a blog with over 200,000 monthly readers. This blog eventually grew into a network that is broadcasted to Bright House Networks 2.2 million customers!  Truitt  consulted with Richmond-based startup Bart’s Barks where he redesigned the website, marketing content, and created a formalized marketing plan,  leading to a 200% client increase before it was acquired in December 2019.  Next, Truitt was a founding member of a population health management start-up aimed to provide elderly populations with access to better quality care.  As an entrepreneur, Truitt is always looking for the next problem to solve.

When not at work, you can find Truitt kayaking the closest river or listening to his record collection a little too loud for his roommates.  He is also a contributor and curator of, an online journal with an emphasis on Art & Culture.

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