Performance Reviews are Like Pulling Your Own Teeth.

Address the root causes and you will get better performance from your entire team

Performance Reviews are Like Pulling Your Own Teeth.

Address the root causes and you will get better performance from your entire team

Painful, stressful, tense – even brutal – does that describe your performance reviews? Whether you do them annually or every six months, no one looks forward to them. Already strained for time, you and your managers can fumble performance reviews, making them even more tense and ineffective. If you dread reviews, you’re not alone – the numbers are a literal tale of woe.

Over 90% of managers aren’t happy with the current review process.

A measly 5% are actually satisfied with how their reviews are conducted.

60% of employees say formal reviews have no impact on their personal performance.

Ask yourself: 

  • How frustrated and worn out are you from this process?
  • How is the process impacting your leaders and managers?
  • Do your performance reviews improve employee engagement or impact in the wrong way?
  • Are you getting the level of performance you need from most of your team?

Are you getting the business results you need?

The Problem is Beyond Performance Reviews.

Formal reviews are just one part of the complex puzzle of getting your  team to perform at a high level.

Solve it, and it’s a Win/Win for your organization and your people.

The complex puzzle consists of the following challenges/opportunities::

  • Managers are upskilled so they can be effective developing skills and careers.
  • Regular, constructive feedback is the norm not the exception.
  • A positive review experience is developed with less questions and user friendly tool.
  • Your employees understand the relationship between their performance and their compensation, like what’s needed to get 100% of their bonus or a raise.  

If this sounds familiar, what’s holding you back from doing something about it?

If any of these issues are simmering away at your organization, they will boil over during performance reviews.  Your productivity and growth will take a hit. Your most talented people may even look elsewhere for advancement.  People who could perform better won’t have the skills, coaching, or tools they need.  

There’s a better way. Are you ready to explore what a solution to your challenges looks like?

Get better growth, more productivity, and a happier team.

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