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Finally, a turnkey-system for better employee engagement.


Are your performance reviews fostering better employee engagement?


Across the board, medium and small businesses are strained for time, for talent, and for growth.  When management is focused on the fire-fighting needed to keep customers happy or scrambling for new revenue, employee performance reviews can be left by the wayside.  The six month review cycle stretches to annual reviews.  And if the company doesn’t have an internal HR function, they can slip even farther.  


Without an established performance review system, companies can be faced with multiple kinds of people problems: team members who aren’t engaged enough, goals that are missed, and even a talent drain.  Top performers simply won’t hang around for a company to get organized for growth.

Only 21% of employees in medium and small companies strongly believe that their performance goals were clear and aligned with their organization’s priorities.

Our solution to this problem is a system that frees up management to focus on sales, operations, finance, and more – while we handle ongoing performance reviews for your whole team.  This includes:

Why Outsourced Performance Reviews

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