Billingsly Group/PSS Mid-Level Management Training Program - Cohort Enrollment



What You Will Learn – Program Syllabus

Over 12-months, a cohort of up to 12 leaders will attend 6 leadership sessions lasting 2 hours each on alternating months, work through 6 online training modules (approximately 1 hour each) and have various reading assignments to reinforce specific training. A key part of the learning experience each participant will be given a leadership assessment to aide in the learning journey.

Session 1: Building Self-Awareness
Review leadership assessments as well as learn to profile behavioral styles of others. In addition, we’ll cover self-awareness and the frequency of reflecting on strengths and weaknesses, self-management tactics, and managing stress with coping tactics. Post Session Read: Leadership and Self Deception by the Arbinger Institute

Session 2: Managing Self-Regulation
In this session learners will review the key parts of the book assignment to reinforce self-awareness and self-regulation concepts. In addition, they will cover self-control, trust, conscientiousness, and adaptability.

Sessions 3: Time Management/Prioritization
In this session participants will learn time management, prioritization, and different tools to improve in this area. There are 2 specific exercises to help improve prioritization. Post Session Read: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Session 4: Motivation and Accountability
Review the book assignment to reinforce time management and prioritization concepts. In addition, learners will cover different types of motivation, managing vs coaching, goal setting and accountability. We will focus on a holistic process of coaching and accountability. Post Session Read: Drive by Daniel Pink

Session 5: Leveraging Empathy to Become Better at Managing People and Conflict
We will review the previous book assignment to reinforce concepts in motivation. In addition, we will cover tactics to leverage empathy to be more effective in the workplace and manage conflict more effectively. Post Session Read: Good to Great by Jim Collins

Session 6: Performance Management
In this session learners will review the book assignment to reinforce performance management concepts associated with a Level 5 leaders and great organizations. Learners will also cover the 4 parts of performance management: planning, monitoring, development, ratings, and rewards.

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