OKR Toolbox



All OKR Champions need the right tools to ensure OKR success, we’ve made it easy to be organized and effective.  Compiled and refined over 1,000+ hours of OKR program management, our experts have developed everything you need to forge ahead. Included in this OKR Toolbox are all the tools you will need to successfully implement OKRs, featuring an exclusive playbook with detailed guides, comprehensive presentation templates, and proven communication templates. The OKR Toolbox will prepare and provide you with everything needed to conduct key OKR activities, including:

  • OKR Executive Workshops
  • OKR Excellence Workshops
  • OKR Department Workshops
  • OKR Team Shares
  • OKR Team Reviews
  • OKR Retrospectives

The OKR Toolbox contains the following artifacts to support your successful OKR implementation:

1. One (1) OKR Playbook

  • The OKR Playbook provides in-depth guidance and prescriptive direction to optimally implement OKRs at your organization. This information-dense guide breaks down the proven method of OKR success, as well as best practices and recommendations for achieving success at your organization. To ensure OKR success at your organization, The OKR Playbook includes meticulous materials, such as schedules/timelines, activity checklists, and deliverable details, to name a few.

2. Six (6) Presentation Templates

  • To be used for facilitating OKR sessions mentioned in the playbook in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slide format.

3. Twenty-One (21) Communication Templates

  • To be used for team communications and OKR follow-ups mentioned in the playbook.

4. One (1) Key Communications List

  • To be used as a guide for when to send key communications throughout the OKR cycle.

5. One (1) Communications Tracker

  • To be used to plot out when to send key communications throughout the OKR cycle, as well as a mechanism to track when each communication is sent.

6. One (1) Sample Events Schedule & Staffing List

  • To be used as a reference for planning, scheduling, and staffing all OKR-related events.
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