Sales Coaching Review

People Stretch Solutions offers advisory services in mission critical areas for growing companies to help its leaders overcome near term challenges and build sustainable growth engines.

We are offering a free coaching review to anyone* who attended our October 15th webinar on digital sales coaching. 

Sales coaching is an essential tool to help salespeople identify the specific strengths and developmental areas. Coaching allows teams or individuals to grow in a way that suits their individual needs. When done effectively, sales coaching can pinpoint the areas where you are struggling to succeed and help you overcome those obstacles.

During your personalized 30-minute Sales Coaching Review we will discuss your current sales and coaching challenges. Based on this we will share insight and recommendation on how you might improve your people, processes and tools to drive better results.

These are not sales calls and there are no strings attached.  This is our way of giving back at a time when we think leaders could use a coach who has been through turbulent environments before.  At times like these, it is more important than ever to have someone in your corner.

*Due to demand constraints, we are limiting this offer to companies with at least $5mm in annual revenue.

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