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Sales Playbooks are must-have foundational growth tools to be developed over time as a company grows and matures as a sales organization. These are driven by, but not limited to: strategy, industry focus and different technology adoption.

Sales Playbook is meant to be organic and should grow as a company’s sales maturity evolves.  In the initial version, it documents how opportunities should be identified and advanced through each stage of the sales process. It will also include topics such as, but not limited to, annual sales planning, targeting, sales management cadence, gate criteria, discovery questions, metrics and KPIs, and normalizing language around sales and the sales process.

Similar to the Sales Playbook, an Account Management Playbook documents how your organization should manage new and existing accounts from onboarding to renewal.  An Account Management Playbook will increase your organization’s ability to secure or grow revenue in existing accounts, reduce account churn, better understand your client’s business pains, problems, and needs, and develop a client-focused service mentality.

Understanding the Customer Journey of your potential prospect is critical in defining how your sales and account management teams should operate. Through a series of workshops and interviews, People Stretch Solutions identifies, analyzes, and compares the actions, touchpoints, motivations, and barriers of your customers to your existing processes. This exercise will provide your organization a comprehensive view of the existing customer journey and provide a foundation to build an aspirational journey.

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