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Our sales transformation services are for CEOs who are committed to growing their organization to the next level. To facilitate enterprise-wide change and improve revenue growth and sales culture, these engagements are complex and can last multiple years. These engagements are complex and can last multiple years to facilitate enterprise wide change, resulting in improved revenue growth and sales culture. This involves bringing together four core areas (strategy + OKR, sales effectiveness, ceo-leadership coaching, process & tools) in a single engagement.

Sales Transformations begin with the executive leader of an organization or business unit providing critical CEO-Leadership coaching and training to support that individual in leading more effectively. The engagement then permeates to the leadership team to help them align and adopt an Endurance Executive mindset. Simultaneously, the sales team and other departments are engaged on different levels through a comprehensive strategy review and the rationalization and implementation of an OKR Framework for your organization. A key differentiator of People Stretch’s sales transformations are the use of best in class change management practices in the sales transformation alignment workstream. While a major focus of this engagement is people, additional workstreams addressing the following key areas help drive additional growth: sales playbooks, sales enablement, and sales talent management.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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