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OMG Assessment

Our team is certified to offer assessment techniques and tools developed by Objective Management Group.

Using proven and industry leading methods and assessments that OMG has been pioneering and perfecting since 1989, we perform:

  • Pre-Screening Hiring assessments that can help you eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople and sales managers.
  • Existing Sales Force Assessment, with insight on how each individual, whether sales rep or VP of Sales, can increase their performance for your company.
  • Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (S.T.A.R.) – S.T.A.R. was developed to assist CEO’s, Presidents, Sales VP’s, HR Directors and Sales Managers with the often difficult task of hiring and retaining top sales talent. STAR gives you the insight to write an effective ad, automate the resume collection and assessment processes and streamline screening in order to get the right person on board. We are trained and licensed to help you implement OMGs process that has been proven to hire managers and sales people that produce quota 95% of the time.

Target Training International, LTD

Since 1984, TTI has developed and perfected industry leading assessment tools around the science of behavior, values and personal talent. Our people are trained and certified to help you properly leverage their methods of Total Person Analysis.

Using TTI assessments such as DISC, values and other great tools, we can:

  • Help your team improve their performance by making them more aware of themselves and others around them
  • Help the organization become aware of what the right person for the job looks like before they begin recruitment
  • Help the organization make the right decision on potential candidates because they have the combination of the insight of the assessment and the experience of People Stretch Solutions

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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