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People Stretch Solutions has supported growing small and mid market companies and organizations over the last 12 years in developing growth strategies that have enabled them to realize their mission. We believe in order to overcome the strategy to execution gap facing most companies and organizations, the C-Suite needs to have the following elements within their strategy:

    • Mission, Vision and Values that are up to date
    • Strategy that reflects current external and internal challenges facing the company/organization with high level tactics to overcome them
    • Operating plan at the department level that shows who owns what by when so the lower level of the organization has ownership in the execution of the strategy
    • Financial plan that tied together the strategic plan and the operating plan
    • A goal setting framework that gives the organization visibility in who is responsible for what goals and a regular cadence of review.

People Stretch Solutions can provide organizations support in setting up all of the aforementioned elements. PSS can also provide support in strategic off sites that help facilitate the creation and implementation of the aforementioned elements.

Our Solutions Offerings

We offer our solutions in five areas

Mission, Vision, and Core Values Development
Organizations who are serious about growth need to have a clear mission, vision and core values to help its employees be directionally aligned.
Strategic Plan Development and Whiteboarding
People Stretch Solutions can provide assistance around the planning, definition, direction, and content of your organization’s Strategic Plan.
Operating Plan Development
People Stretch Solutions helps clients developing operating plans by following our lightweight framework
Goal Setting Frameworks
Using OKRs as the goal setting framework to support clients, will also ensure the organization is able to drive commitment, alignment, transparency, collaboration and accountability.
Strategic Offsite Facilitation
A strategic offsite is an effective way to build alignment among leadership around strategic goals and initiatives to meet or exceed current and future growth goals.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant.
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