OKR Adoption and Reinforcement

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People Stretch Solutions has spent the last 12 years working with over 100 companies to create over $1BN dollars of shareholder value. Now, you can take that knowledge and start our industry leading OKR excellence training right here, through our training marketplace.

After completing 60+ OKR implementations over the last 5 years, we have developed an OKR Excellence framework that helps organization’s overcome the most common challenge they face when they attempt to implement OKRs, without the help of an outside OKR consultant.

Start your OKR mastery today with our two cornerstone training courses

If you want to take charge of developing a comprehensive understanding of OKRs, you can do so at your own convenience.

The Complete OKR Champion Certification – $700 $500

Certified OKR Champions are able to confidently lead their organizations through structural enhancements with the knowledge they gained from our OKR offerings. By achieving the OKR Champions Certification, you will have the expertise and tools to successfully implement OKRs at your organization. To achieve the OKR Champions Certification, complete all five OKR courses.

Access the OKR Toolbox – $500

All OKR Champions need the right tools to ensure OKR success. Included in this OKR Toolbox are all the tools you will need to successfully implement OKRs, featuring an exclusive playbook with detailed guides, comprehensive presentation templates, and proven communication templates.

Need to brush up on a specific area of your OKRs knowledge?

Choose the specific OKR course you need:

Module 1: OKR Basics

Module 2: Preparing for OKR and Strategic Planning

Module 3: Writing OKRs

Module 4: Utilizing OKRs In Team Reviews and One-On-Ones

Module 5: The Quarterly Retrospective

Module 6: OKR Tools, Quarterly Transitions, and Change Management

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