OKR Expert Q&A- Closing the Strategy to Execution Gap in 2023

Answers to your questions from our 10,000+ hours of OKR consulting

Join Objective and Key Results (OKR) expert Natalie Webb of People Stretch Solutions to get practical advice on how to get more from your OKR program.

In over 60 engagements over the last 5 years with growing tech, healthcare, services, and manufacturing companies, we’ve tackled the complex issues of OKR program adoption, efficiency, and team alignment around shared goals.

Wednesday, December 7th

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No one has a crystal ball to tell us what 2023 has in store.  One thing is for certain, it won’t be the year to leave room for strategic shortfalls. More than ever, leaders are going all out to seal the strategy to execution gap. But many are stilling spinning their wheels on how to truly achieve this: 

This is the perfect time to lean on the experience of an OKR expert that has helped companies like Comcast, Microsoft, and Starbucks overcome strategic challenges. At our upcoming OKR Expert Q&A, you’ll be able to do just that.

Please note, this event is collaborative and participants will be on camera and encouraged to ask their questions to Natalie, and share their own experience and strategic goals for 2023. 

Our OKR Expert

Natalie Webb, Director, Strategic Planning, Executive & OKR Coach
Natalie Webb is an executive with 5+ years of OKR Expert experience and 15+ years of experience in Consulting Engagement & Technical Leadership. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her ability to incorporate her technical background with the informed power of persuasion in order to coach clients toward driving effective and timely business outcomes.

She has led OKR implementations at 18+ global companies providing framework and tools, while facilitating strategy sessions and leading thousands of executive level coaching sessions. Her work has spanned industries including Healthcare, Aviation, Technical/Digital Transformation, FinTech and Manufacturing. Former clients include Microsoft, TransAmerica, VNS Health – New York, Comcast, A123 Systems, Malwarebytes, and Starbucks.

Natalie has Big 5 Consulting Experience as Senior Engagement Leader and Principal on the Account Team. She was responsible for scoping work, defining contracts, assembling a team and leading entire engagements. She has a diverse technical background from software engineering to digital transformation, master data management, ERPs, IT PMO/Governance and process re-engineering.

More About OKRs and
Why You Should Attend

Objectives and key results (OKRs) is a goal setting framework used by growth-oriented organizations to define measurable goals and track their outcomes. Organizations like Google and Intel have used OKRs for years to help them achieve and maintain market dominance.

OKRs provide individuals, teams, and organizations with a holistic view of the mission and vision, while encouraging communication around shared objectives. In a nutshell, a properly planned, implemented, and tracked implementation of OKRs applies strategy to day-to-day tactics.

Frameworks like OKRs are useful – but to be a game changer, an OKR program requires a specific, actionable layer of tactics that help create the most impact on strategic objectives.

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Wednesday, December 7th

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