Finish Strong in 2022 —Launch Your 2023 Strategic Planning the Right Way

Focused collaboration grows revenue and gets things done, and with the headwinds of inflation, threat of recession, and supply chain snags what we need right now are proven tools to make people more productive.

You need executive alignment and collaborative team input for your 2023 plans. This webinar will light the way.

Wednesday, September 21st

12PM PT / 3PM ET

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Andy Grove’s Objectives and Key Results framework has helped put thousands of companies on a success trajectory that leads to talent retention, revenue growth, and market dominance.

Join us for this 45 min webinar on September 21 at 3pm ET / noon PT and we’ll demonstrate:

  • How can your teams get more focused, aligned, and operating efficiently
  • How do I foster a greater sense of connection to drive accountability in a positive way
  • How to plan effectively so you can make 2023 exceed expectations

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Fill out all registration attend the entire 45 minute discussion for a chance to win a pair of AirPods Pro!

Our Presenters

Alex Bartholomaus, CEO, People Stretch Solutions
Alex P. Bartholomaus is President and CEO of People Stretch Solutions, a Washington DC based management consulting firm specializing in revenue growth consulting and scaling organizations. He is a published author and professional speaker on the topic of OKRs, Sales Effectiveness, Elite Business Performance and Emotional Intelligence. Alex specializes in helping CEO’s understand why or why not their people are performing and how to nurture elite executive performances. He accomplishes this with the help of innovative online assessments and a methodology that draws on psychology, behavior and emotional intelligence.

Christian Bartl, OKR Program Manager, KION North America
Christian Bartl is an accomplished business strategist with over a decade of experience at the KION Group, both in Germany and the USA. Leading teams in market intelligence, innovation, and strategic partnership initiatives, he is now responsible for the OKR Program for KION North America. His depth of experience in manufacturing and related solutions give him a unique perspective on the value of OKR programs at enterprises with a global reach.

More About OKRs and
Why You Should Attend

Objectives and key results (OKRs) is a goal setting framework used by growth-oriented organizations to define measurable goals and track their outcomes. Organizations like Google and Intel have used OKRs for years to help them achieve and maintain market dominance.

OKRs provide individuals, teams, and organizations with a holistic view of the mission and vision, while encouraging communication around shared objectives. In a nutshell, a properly planned, implemented, and tracked implementation of OKRs applies strategy to day-to-day tactics.

Frameworks like OKRs are useful – but to be a game changer, an OKR program requires a specific, actionable layer of tactics that help create the most impact on strategic objectives.

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OKR Expert Q/A Session

Thursday, March 21st
3PM ET / Noon PT

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