Leveraging OKR:

How OKRs Transform Culture and Employee Engagement

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WHEN: NOVEMBER 12, 2020 / 12:00PM-1:00PM EST

Many employees are not engaged enough in the modern workspace. They are mentally and emotionally detached from the daily dealings within their organization whether due to poor management, lack of clarity on how they contribute to the organization, or recent changes to their work environment.

The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework was developed to overcome these challenges.  First implemented at Intel in the 70’s and brought to Google near it’s conception, it works to focus your employees and drive alignment throughout while providing cross-departmental transparency, engaging the organization through cultural transformation.

In this webinar, we will take a close look at the cultural impacts an OKR framework has on an organization including:

1.  Focus and Inspiration

OKRs are designed to focus and inspire organizations from top to to bottom to execute on strategic goals.

2. Larger Coalition of The Willing

OKR gets more people involved in the strategic planning process so they become aware of how their work contributes to the organization.

3. Cascading Objectives Drive More Conversations

Department, team, and individual contributing objectives create synergies between different stakeholders and prevent double-work.

4. Alignment and Accountability

The cascading nature of OKRs creates alignment while one-one-ones, team reviews, and the Quarterly Retrospective ensure accountability.

5. Greater Individual Commitment

OKRs foster commitment and become social contracts for your organization to be successful in hitting its strategic objectives.

6. Team Transparency

Managers should bring OKRs into team meetings and one-on-ones to create visibility across the team and ultimately, the organization.

7. Individual Accelerator

Well executed OKR frameworks improve individual focus and help teams and individuals realize greater results.

8. Culture of Stretch

The Retrospective creates an open culture where employees are not afraid to stretch for hard o reach goals.

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Alex P. Bartholomaus


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