How the OKR Goal-Setting Framework Creates Scalable Growth and Business Agility

Setting and executing agile strategy with an OKR framework allows organizations to pivot quickly while keeping all of their employees aligned, aware, and accountable to the overarching strategy.

OKR accomplishes this by engaging the organization in a quarterly goal-setting process which translates the organization’s strategic plan into individual commitments that drive execution and maintain organizational alignment.

At the beginning of the quarterly OKR cycle, the organization will come together to decide on both team and individual OKRs, align on how best to achieve the work for that quarter, and publicly commit to outcomes to one another at the start of each quarter.  Doing so allows organizations, departments, and teams to adjust their strategy several times a year while effectively communicating it to everyone involved.

In this webinar, we will take a close look at the impact an OKR framework has on an organization’s ability to execute strategy, how OKR enables business agility, and how to bring these concepts together to create the highest performing organizations.

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