Recording: Build Efficient Teams with OKR

In hybrid work environments, teams struggle to be efficient for a number of reasons:

  1. Regular communication is reduced due to lack of proximity
  2. Collaboration is stifled
  3. Progress towards initiatives is shared less frequently

The OKR framework addresses each of these issues by providing a shared experience for teams to communicate, identify roadblocks to progress, and redeploy resources when necessary.  At the beginning of an OKR cycle, a team will come together to decide on both team and individual OKRs, align on how best to achieve the work that quarter, and publicly commit to outcomes to one another.  This commitment is realized in the OKR cycle when managers continually reinforce the OKR framework through a series of 1-on-1s and team reviews.

In this webinar, we will take a close look at the impact an OKR framework has on teams, their ability to collaborate internally, and communication with other groups.

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