Sales Coaching in a Digital Age:

Make your sales team more effective in    remote work environments

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Optimizing sales effectiveness in any time, much less a time of uncertainty, is critical to maintaining the health of an organization and ensuring that the capabilities are in place to pursue opportunities for future growth and scale.

Sales leaders need a scalable way to assess their salesforce for areas of improvement, analyze and ensure day-to-day performance, and leverage the data from both to quickly pivot as the sales environment changes.

In this webinar, we will take a close look at a few solutions to overcome these obstacles, including:

1.  Assess

Evaluate your sales process, team, and recruiting with industry leading, customizable, and sales specific assessment tools based on data sets of 2,000,000 sales people, ensuring predictive validity.

2.  Record

Leverage the power of AI with our state of the art conversation intelligence platform – record your sales meeting to receive instant, digital analytics and performance feedback or monitor changes over time.

3.  Coach

We analyze the recordings and data from our conversation intelligence system to ensure your sales team’s development, in meeting effectiveness, and coach them on identified areas of improvement by providing them with actionable insights in a monthly performance review.

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Managing Director

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