Recording: Leverage Data Throughout The Sales Hiring Process

The selling environment has undergone fundamental changes as a result of work from home.  To be successful in sales today, a different set of skills is required.

Today’s salespeople are confronted with more challenges than ever before.  Simply getting someone to pick-up the phone or open an email has become a struggle for even some of the most adept salespeople.  To be successful in sales today one needs to be able to reach decision makers, sell value, leverage social selling and have the commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed..

It is vital for hiring managers to adopt new strategies to identify salespeople who can succeed under current conditions.

Equipped with over 2,000,000 data points, our sales candidate screening tool offers industry-leading predictive validity and targets 21 areas that are critical to sales success.

Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage data to find your next super star.  The salesperson who has the desire and commitment to succeed.  The one who will sell value and not price and can actually reach decision-makers.

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